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Promise Keepers Build Strong Family Leaders

As America ponders what we can do to save our nation, a small group of men are actively participating in a solution.

Nearly 50,000 men gathered from the Inland Northwest alone to celebrate God and participate in the renewal of the American family.

Yes, I am speaking of Promise Keepers, the men’s organization geared to encourage Christian values, including the respect of the family and others. It encourages men to lead their families, as eternal partners with their wives.

I attended the Seattle Promise Keepers conference in May. It was a two-day experience.

Speakers talked about subjects such as fidelity, devotion, discipline, finance, working, marriage and living as a Christian man.

Although some of the subjects were not relevant to me (like marriage), I learned a lot at the conference. Each speaker shared his personal message of Christ and God, and provided examples to help understand the subject.

Each time I listened, I learned something new that I should try or something old I had forgotten. With the integration of music and comedy into the program, we were able to stay attentive for hours at a time.

Promise Keepers has come under scrutiny recently for a long list of things, most of them related to two subjects: equality of wives and treatment of homosexuals.

In the Promise Keepers handbook, the fourth “Promise of a Promise Keeper” reads: “A Promise Keeper is committed to build strong marriages and families through love, protection and biblical values.” Do I have to go on? This seems pretty clear-cut as to how you should treat your family.

As to the treatment of homosexuals, Promise Keepers does disdain this practice. Although I won’t elaborate on the moral reason, I believe it is valid.

Promise Keepers is not a conference for chauvinists. It is simply a conference for men who want to live in Christ. This includes respecting your spouse and children.

I think the whole point of going to Promise Keepers with my stepfather is summed up in this quote from a speaker at the session:

“You only need to know two things: your father loves Christ, and so do 700,000 other men.”