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Another Plea For Atlanta Bombing Aid

In yet another plea for the public’s help in solving three Atlanta bombings, investigators on Tuesday displayed a bombmaker’s buffet of components identical to those used in the attacks, including nails, duct tape, steel plate and windup alarm clocks.

Members of the federal-state task force investigating the bombings hoped that the display, spread out across three tables, would jog people’s memories.

“You might have thought it was unusual when you saw someone with more than one alarm clock in a workshop or garage, along with some of the other components,” said Woody Enderson, the FBI agent who heads the task force.

“Or, you may remember something as seemingly innocent as a customer asking you for some scrap pieces of steel plate shortly before the Olympics.”

It was the fifth public appeal since the July 1996 blast at Centennial Olympic Park that killed one person and injured more than 100.

The task force is also investigating two explosions at a suburban abortion clinic in January and a blast at a gay nightclub in February. A second bomb at the club was detonated by police. A total of 12 people were injured in the last two attacks.


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