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Plant Tansy And Fend Off Those Bugs

Fri., Nov. 21, 1997

With its ostrich-feather foliage, leggy habit and yellow flowers, the tansy has been a familiar member of the herb garden for centuries, prized for its ability to repel insects.

One seed catalog hopes Americans will discover an entirely different type grown for its tidy habit and clusters of white, daisylike flowers. Tanacetum “Jackpot” will be available this winter from Harris Seeds, Rochester, N.Y.

The hardy perennial forms an 18-inch tight mound suited to use in a border or rock garden. It blooms in early June, flowers heavily and also has attractive foliage, said Harris Seeds spokeswoman Vicky Rupley. It is supposed to flower from seed in its first season, but like most perennials grown from seed, don’t expect it to hit its stride until the second or third year.

A seed packet of Tanacetum “Jackpot” (Harris Seed Catalog, (800) 514-4441) contains 50 seeds and costs $1.95, Rupley said.


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