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Talk-Show Audience Tougher Than A Par 5

O.J. Simpson appeared earlier this week on the pilot of a proposed TV talk show hosted by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

They eased into chit-chat about football - Moore noting the “tight-fitting gloves” now worn by players - but once the 276 audience members got over the shock of the billed “surprise guest,” there was visible squirming and a mini-rebellion.

“You beat Nicole,” one shouted. Another yelled: “Did you kill her?”

When Moore asked how many believed Simpson was guilty, about 70 percent of hands went up. Between 30 to 40 walked out during the segment. “Why is he here?” one woman asked Moore. “You’re nothing but a ratings slut.”

The show was shot for a possible slot on Fox next fall. There are no plans to air the pilot.

Loose talk

Celebrating 50 years of marriage to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip praised their progeny Charles, Andrew, Anne and Edward: “I am, naturally, somewhat biased, but I think our children have all done rather well under very difficult and demanding circumstances.”

Almost a senior citizen, but still ‘That Girl’

Marlo Thomas turns 60 today.

Come to think, how many husbands would say that?

First-time novelist (“Cold Mountain”) and surprise winner of the National Book Award Charles Frazier, 47, thanked wife, Katherine, Tuesday night for her support.

“Although she will deny it, there’s not many wives who will say, ‘Sure, honey, quit that job (teaching English at North Carolina State) and write that novel.”’

Preschool absentee numbers suspiciously high

Some Hanson fans got MMMbop’ed when the group played a free 40-minute concert in Leawood, Kan., this week. More than 15,000 screaming kiddies and their parental units packed a mall parking lot to see the golden boys.

A few fans fainted, some suffered asthma attacks and hyperventilation, and some were treated for minor bruises from being shoved. No one was taken to the hospital, police said.

“They - are - HOT,” said third-grader Antoinette Cammisano, which explains why several people slept in cars all day and traveled hundreds of miles to see the Tulsa, Okla., band.

Brothers Isaac Hanson, 16, Taylor, 14 and Zac, 11, zoomed to the top of the pop charts with the upbeat “MMMbop” and immediately became teen idols.

Careful, Ryan … jealousy causes wrinkles

Farrah Fawcett, 50, is hitting it big time with real estate guy Stephen Bing, 32, ex-dater of Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, etc., etc., plus inheritor of many dollars.

He’s nuts about her. Wants to put her into a $6 million house.

Ryan O’Neal, her lover of 18 years and dad of her son, Redmond, 12, is giving her flak about dating beneath her age station.

He should talk, arming around Leslie Stefanson, 26.

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