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Today’s Cougar joke

Three guys die and are waiting for admission to heaven. Peter asks the first man for his IQ.

“One-hundred eighty” the man replies.

“Welcome,” says Peter, “you’ll enjoy stimulating conversation with Albert Einstein right over there… .”

“And what is your IQ?” Peter asks the second man.

“One-hundred fifty” he replies.

“You’ll enjoy conversation over there with former presidents Roosevelt and Truman” says Peter.

“And what is your IQ sir?” Peter asks the third man.

“Eighty-three” the man says proudly.

“How ‘bout them ‘Cougs?” Peter replies.

Today’s Husky joke

A Husky fan walked into a store one day and asked for a purple hat, a yellow shirt, some purple pants, and some yellow shoes.

The employee asked, “Are you a Husky fan?”

The man proudly stuck out his chest and said, “Could you tell by the color combination?”

“Nah,” said the employee. “You’re the third Husky fan to come into my hardware store today.

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