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‘Baby Doo-Doo’ About To Become Big Brother

Sat., Nov. 22, 1997

LIFE dropped by Michael Jackson’s Neverland digs for a cozy chat about life, wives (ex and current) and the second coming.

Photog Harry Benson took lots of pictures of the pop whiz and his baby, Prince: See Michael change diapers. See Michael feed chicken soup to the 9-month-old boy, whom he calls Baby Doo-Doo and Apple Head.

“He has Debbie’s chin,” Michael said. That would be Debbie Rowe, 38, mother of Prince and Michael’s wife. He said his touring puts a crimp in their family life. “We haven’t been able to spend time as a family. Not at all.”

But, the couple did find time to whip up a second baby. “There’s a new one on the way,” he confirmed. The babe, rumored to be a girl, greets the world in 1998.

P.S.: Prince’s godparents are Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin.

Loose talk

Leonardo DiCaprio, describing his unusual qualifications for a girlfriend in the latest issue of Teen magazine: “I like to be with someone who is very understanding.”

We make this announcement with all due respect

Rodney Dangerfield turns 76 today.

Cowboy author sounds ready to put out to pasture

The sun may be setting on Larry McMurtry’s story-telling days.

“I’ve written enough fiction,” the author of “The Last Picture Show” and “Lonesome Dove” says in the December issue of Texas Monthly.

The 61-year-old novelist and his sister own a bookstore called Booked Up near Wichita Falls and he owns another store in Arizona.

“You don’t always get better as a writer. You get old, you get tired, you exhaust an original gift,” he said.

But McMurtry said he’s still interested in nonfiction and essay writing. And maybe one fiction finale. “I have one more novel I’d like to write.”

Remember the disgruntled witch in ‘Sleeping Beauty’?

The Duchess of York thinks she got the royal snub so she did the royal no-show.

After discovering she was invited only to Thursday’s public celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 50th wedding anniversary festivities - and not to private family parties - Sarah Ferguson decided not to attend any events.

“I said, ‘How extraordinary they want me to be at the public service but they won’t invite me to anything else,”’ Prince Andrew’s former wife huffed. “I said, ‘No, I don’t want to play that game.”’

Devotion to mom a refreshing motivation

Jon Voight is back on the big screen in a big way.

After a 10-year hiatus from starring in feature films, he appeared in the 1995 film “Heat” opposite Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, “Mission: Impossible” last year and last summer’s “Anaconda.”

In “The Rainmaker,” which opened Friday, Voight plays a legal titan representing a villainous health insurance company being challenged over an unpaid claim.

Voight, 58, who won an Academy Award for 1974’s “Coming Home,” says his hiatus was prompted partly by his desire to spend time with his mother, whose health was failing. She died in 1995.

“I tried everything I could do to work close to her,” he said.

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