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Q. You said a biblical name is not necessarily the name of somebody mentioned in the Bible. How so?

A. Patience, Sharon, Charity, Eden. These, too, are Biblical names.

Although more football players than cheerleaders are injured, cheerleaders when injured lose five times as many days as do injured football players.

Those who know all about pollination say you can thank the bees for apples, the flies for chocolate and the bats for tequila.

Q. What were Teddy Roosevelt’s last words?

A. “Please put out the lights.”

Q. How did the capital punishment promoters know the original electric chair would work?

A. They first tried out the lash-up on a horse, four calves and several dogs.

Those who know all about venomous snakes say baby rattlers are born in August and September.

Q. What’s “Hoboken soda”?

A. An oldtimey concoction of pineapple syrup and chocolate ice cream.

Researchers with recording gear have determined that most sheep go “M-a-a” rather than “B-aa.”

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