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Witless ‘Flubber’ A Sloppy, Shameful Remake Of Classic

Two sidebars appeared with the story: 1. “Flubber” Location: Newport Cinemas, Spokane Valley Mall, Showboat Credits: Directed by Les Mayfield, starring Robin Williams Running time: 1:23 Rating: PG

2. OTHER VIEWS OF ‘FLUBBER’ Here’s what other critics say about “Flubber:” Michael Rechtshaffen/The Hollywood Reporter: … this latest Disney dust-off has surprisingly little bounce. Both Hughes’ uninspired update and Les Mayfield’s direction lack zip, while even the usually irrepressible Williams appears relatively sedated… Fortunately, the gooey lime element delivers. Matt Crenson/Associated Press: Only The Mouse could get away with a film as flimsy as “Flubber.” … (It’s) accompanied by the now customary marketing onslaught of toys, gadgets and gizmos allegedly composed of the mythical material but actually made entirely of plastic. How apropos. Karen Hershenson/Contra Costa Times: Combining the talents of Williams with this new, improved flubber should have created comic combustion, but that didn’t happen.

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