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Chemo Draining To Davis

Eric Davis, who had surgery to remove a cancerous section of his colon June 13, has weekly chemotherapy treatments Fridays, so he was understandably drained.

“It’s not easy to sit up with an IV in your arm for 2-1/2 hours putting poison in you,” Davis said.

Added to the trouble is a slight hamstring strain that caused Davis to leave Game 2 in the fifth inning. But he said Friday he fully expects to be available today.

Davis is halfway through his 16-session chemotherapy treatment, but today will be a bit of a different test for Davis, considering he was no doubt tired from traveling all night Thursday.

“It might take a little bit longer for me to recover,” said Davis, who hasn’t had trouble playing the day after previous treatments. “That’s what I’m anticipating.”

Davis asked out of Wednesday’s Game 1, because he was tired and wanted to save his strength.

If Davis were not a professional athlete, the likelihood that he could do something as intense and draining as play in a playoff game would be pretty slim.

“What helps me is being in great physical condition,” he said.

The support he has received from teammates, opponents and fans has also been a big help.

“It’s just one big pray party for me,” Davis said.

Davis could skip a weekly treatment session in order to stay a little fresher for the playoffs, but his focus is certainly on being healthy first.

“I don’t want to miss a week,” Davis said. “Right now my rehabilitation of cancer is more important than me playing a baseball game.”

Piniella praises O’s scouts

Mariners manager Lou Piniella commended the Orioles for having scouted the Mariners well. And Baltimore pitching coach Ray Miller cited reports by Fred Uhlman and Deacon Jones.

“Baltimore’s done a very nice job of scouting our team,” said Piniella. “They’ve been looking at our club for three weeks or so.”

The scrutiny has translated into more off-speed pitches than the Mariners expected.

Cone out of series

David Cone is out for the remainder of the A.L. division series against Cleveland with an ailing right shoulder.

The 34-year-old right-hander was scratched from his scheduled Game 4 start on Sunday after feeling something snap while throwing between starts.

“After Sunday,” said manager Joe Torre, “we’re not sure.”