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Hey Lou, Just Say No To The Pen You Make The Call

Sun., Oct. 5, 1997

Since Lou hasn’t figured it out in 165 games, maybe the Mariners fans should make a sign and hang it over the bullpen: “Refuse to use.” Steve Allen Spokane

Chase down that bandwagon

All right all you Mariners fickle fans, time to jump back on the bandwagon. Randy Johnson’s going (today), (they’ll) jump right back in this thing. The pressure’s all on Baltimore. They can quit making excuses, and moaning and groaning about this player or that player. Now it’s time to play. Josh Brandt Spokane

Let announcers stick around

My only complaint is why can’t they leave the (Mariners) announcers alone? We had the same announcers all year long and they did a great job. And all of a sudden we’ve got different announcers. The first game was like East Coast vs. West Coast. They said, “Oh, Big Unit’s no good.” That’s ridiculous. I’m tickled that they won tonight. The Big Unit comes in (today) and we’ll beat ‘em again. Mac McAleer Spokane

It’s too early to count M’s out

I think the Mariners did what they should have done two games ago, and you guys give up on them too easily. Ken McElroy Spokane

Mariners have a prayer

The Mariners just better be thankful that they have a lot of us fans out there praying for them during the game, or they wouldn’t do it. Sharon Olp Spokane



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