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Idaho Records


Coeur d’Alene

John Scandalis Homes, 2047 Chappelle, residence, valued at $81,000.

Viking Construction, 4254 Alderbrook, residence, valued at $133,950.

John Musante, 2847 White Pines, residence, valued at $145,000.

Termac Construction, 7575 Sweet River, residence, valued at $55,000.

Mountain Lakes Construction, 2881 Red Cedar Court, residence, valued at $150,000.

Centimark Roof System, 2200 Ironwood Place, commercial re-roof, valued at $42,858.

Kootenai County

Wesley Crosby, Rathdrum, garage/carport, valued at $12,759.

Kootenai County, Rathdrum, commercial, valued at $47,932.

Terry Stulc, Hayden Lake, residence, valued at $69,149.

Larry Berreth, Rathdrum, residence addition, valued at $15,628.

David Finkle, Hayden Lake, residence, valued at $70,015.

Michael Youngwirth, residence with storage, valued at $118,143.

Daniel Hunt, Post Falls, residence addition, valued at $48,457.

Shannon Work, Coeur d’Alene, garage/carport, valued at $14,433.

Andrew Parris, Harrison, garage/carport, valued at $18,504.

Robert McCormick, Rathdrum, garage/carport, valued at $5,107.

Kevin Bettis, Post Falls, garage/carport, valued at $19,244.

Larry Sherman, Athol, residence, valued at $74,182.

William Gabica, Coeur d’Alene, garage/carport, valued at $13,045.

Donald Audel, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $189,097.

Douglas Loper, Hayden, residence addition, valued at $17,020.

Peter Naccarato, Coeur d’Alene, garage/ carport, valued at $6,609.

Robert Knisley, Rathdrum, garage/carport, valued at $16,653.

James Moore, Hayden Lake, garage/carport, valued at $9,622.

Michael Van Skaik, Spirit Lake, garage/carport, valued at $14,433.

Daniel Pahl, Athol, pole barn, valued at $6,696.

Dennis Burgin, Post Falls, pole barn, valued at $22,320.

Kevin Hanson, Rathdrum, pole barn, valued at $6,696.

Jim Duerock, Coeur d’Alene, pole barn, valued at $17,856.

Edward Lapsley, Post Falls, pole barn, valued at $27,900.

Brent Unruh, Coeur d’Alene, residence re-roof, valued at $10,000.

Richard Gasper, Athol, pole barn, valued at $10,044.

Sidney Swehosky, Rathdrum, storage building, valued at $20,121.

Casey Krivor, Harrison, garage/carport, valued at $7,365.

Post Falls

Kenneth Seydel, 1608 Pine St., garage, valued at $12,384.

Klaus Hawes, 4200 Woodland Drive, residence, valued at $86,648.

Riley and Ritter Construction, 802 Osprey Drive, residence, valued at $249,863.

Affordable Home Center, 1901 Seltice Way No. 224, manufactured home, valued at $63,000.

Benson Construction, 5650 Seltice Way, storage, valued at $95,742.

Cook’s Inc., 2945 Seltice Way, commercial storage, valued at $33,242.

The Baines Corp., 2521 Henry St., residence, valued at $93,509.

Viking Construction, 4322 Shore Cove, residence, valued at $113,790.

Bunting Contractors, 2600 Third Ave., residence, valued at $47,299.

Pat Willy, 411 12th Ave., office, valued at $10,368.


Liquidation petitions

Corinna B. Jacobs, Post Falls, debts of $176,410.

Daniel Allen, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $34,971.

Geraldine Reichert, St. Maries, debts of $15,287.

Samuel J. and Teresa A. Bullock, Hope, debts not specified.

Robert and Cheleena Tipps, Woodpecker Graphix and Printing, Post Falls, debts of $179,269.

Walter L. and Judith I. Sparks, Kootenai, debts of $107,361.

Damon R. and Heidi D. Kurtz, Post Falls, debts not specified.

Chad E. and Alice M. Bailey, Post Falls, debts not specified.

Raymond Theander, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $87,148.

Vance B. and Keli J. Derry, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $51,630.

Charles A. Snyder Jr., Rathdrum, debts of $11,802.

Timothy B. and Karynae’ Harrington, Liberty Lake, Wash., debts of $83,460.

Kim McCarver, Pinehurst, debts of $17,668.

Laura L. Pulsifer, Kellogg, debts of $93,157.

Loy D. Carlson, Rathdrum, debts of $39,423.

Rick C. Morris, Pinehurst, debts not specified.

Samuel H. and Sarah E. Adkins, Priest River, debts of $74,933.

Thomas J. Blankenship, Hayden Lake, debts of $41,016.

Nikki Brunner, Rathdrum, debts of $10,980.

James W. Francis, Post Falls, debts of $29,257.

Marin S. Borleau III, Hayden, debts of $127,750.

Howard K. Danny, Hope, debts of $50,120.

Wage earner petitions

Norman R. and Karen A. Giddings, Hayden, debts not specified.

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