There’ll Be A Little Less Wit In The White House

SUNDAY, OCT. 5, 1997

It may not be making big headlines, but the Clinton administration is losing one of its sharpest minds - and tongues.

Neel Lattimore has resigned as Hillary Rodham Clinton’s press secretary following five years on the job to handle communications for a D.C. consulting firm.

Among his more memorable lines, Lattimore, 37, was once asked about a tabloid report that the first lady was pregnant.

“This is the same publication that said she adopted a space alien baby,” he replied. “If they already have a space alien baby, I don’t know if they need another one.”

As for leaving the White House, Lattimore told reporters: “When we had been through 57 hairstyles and saw it come back full circle, I knew it was time to go.”

Loose talk

Ted Turner, who donated $1 billion to the United Nations, on the difficulty of philanthropy: “People love their money, like their house or dogs.”

Jose, can you see very well these days?

Bill Dana turns 73 today.

As for TV, it was some of their finest hours

It’s official: London’s Durrant Press Cuttings has deemed Princess Diana’s death the biggest British news event of the century, receiving more column inches of newspaper coverage than World War II.

Guess his spirit is now as willing as his flesh

Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris, disgraced after being caught with a prostitute, is reportedly converting to Catholicism. “For much of this year, spirituality has come into my life,” said Morris, who was raised Jewish. “I know a lot of people may view it cynically, but it is a sincere and genuine fact of my life.”

Generally speaking, beagles are much cuter

Actor Alec Baldwin has offered to campaign for Democratic candidates in New York, but he probably won’t be joined by wife Kim Basinger, an animal rights activist who helped pressure a New Jersey laboratory to release 40 dogs being used for osteoporosis research. Said a party spokesman: “She’s saving beagles. He’s saving Democrats.”

They could start out by watching ‘Barbarella’

Mrs. Ted Turner - also known as Jane Fonda - has become the spokeswoman for a national campaign promoting sex education called Truth for Youth. Fonda quoted a Durex condoms survey that showed “98 percent of American parents say they need help talking to their kids about sexuality.”

Well, give the funny man a really big hand

Former surgeon general Joycelyn Elders is at work on a book titled “The Dreaded M Word,” a book about the self-gratifying sexual activity so controversial that the mere mention of it cost her her job. Noted Robert Knock of the conservative Family Research Council: “She’s finally stumbled on something well within her grasp.”

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