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Q. When was free-traffic cocaine outlawed in the United States?

A. In 1914. With the Harrison Narcotics Act. It had been a key ingredient in many patent medicines. People hadn’t yet learned the real nature of it.

Animals in the wild rarely fight to the death.

Was a time long ago when a lock of hair symbolized the body and soul. When a women gave a lock to her gentleman friend, she was delivering everything, saying, in effect, “Whatever the question, the answer is yes.”

Under “Circuitry Miniaturization,” add this: More than 50,000 nerve fibers go into your pituitary gland, and it’s no bigger than a pea.

The International Kite Fliers Association has reported that the kites sold outnumber the kites flown by about 40 to 1.

Intoned Benjamin Disraeli, deeply: “Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creature of man.”

Under the Norman laws of old England, a man convicted of adultery paid his fine to the king, but a woman convicted of adultery paid her fine to the church.

All porcupines float.

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