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Do Not Disturb

Mon., Oct. 13, 1997

Dr. Jack Kevorkian has helped between 55 and 100 people commit suicide depending on who’s counting and Detroit-area hotel and motel owners are getting tired of their rooms being used as suicide parlors for the bodies left behind. The Hotel Association of Greater Detroit plans to address the practice at its meeting Oct. 21. “Shame on Kevorkian for putting innocent people through this kind of trauma,” association President Michael O’Callaghan said. “If he wants to do that kind of stuff, he should be doing it in his van or in his own garage.” Hotel officials say the discovery of a body brings problems. Police and reporters converge on the scene, employees must do a special post-death room cleaning and some employees may even need counseling.

A Kevorkian lawyer, Michael Schwartz, was unapologetic: “Dr. Kevorkian doesn’t want to do this in hotels and motels, but he can’t do it in the streets,” Schwartz said.

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