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Boy Says He Found Razor Blade In Burger King Meal 4-Year-Old Unhurt; Restaurant Owner Takes Steps To Ensure Safety Of Food

Thu., Oct. 16, 1997

A 4-year-old boy says he found a greasy razor blade lodged in a chicken nugget his mother bought earlier this week at a Burger King fast-food restaurant.

Nicholas Shiroma, a Coeur d’Alene preschooler, said he noticed the razor blade Monday when he dumped his chicken nuggets onto a tray while watching an afternoon cartoon show at home, said Donna Parich, the boy’s mother.

“He asked me what this was, and he was holding up a razor blade,” Parich said Wednesday.

Nicholas discovered the razor blade before he took a bite and was not injured, his mother said.

But “it was something that could have been very, very serious,” Parich said.

She immediately called her husband at work. Both drove to the Appleway Avenue Burger King after calling police.

An officer took the razor blade, but police are not investigating the incident because no crime was committed, said Coeur d’Alene police Lt. Don Jiran.

Burger King owner Scott Hatter said razor blades are used to clean the restaurant’s broiler but are kept away from the food. Discovery of the razor blade outside the restaurant will make it tough to determine how it got into the chicken, Hatter said.

“Whether it was an accident or done purposely - which I’m hoping that it wasn’t - it should never have happened,” Parich said. “It shouldn’t have been near food, especially in a child’s meal.”

Managers have spoken to the restaurant crew about the incident, Hatter said. The business plans to take steps to ensure no foreign matter ends up in the food, he said.

“Obviously, no one would intentionally do something like that,” Hatter said.

Parich said she bought the meal at the drive-through window.

She said she and her husband, Glen Shiroma, have tried to reassure their son that it was a rare incident.

“I don’t want him to be paranoid,” Parich said. “I’ve tried to let him know this is something that doesn’t happen every day. This is just a horrible accident.”

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