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Edgecliff nice area

I strongly take exception to your statement about “deterioration” of the Edgecliff neighborhood (Valley Voice, Sept. 20).

Those who do not take care of their homes or yards represent a very small percentage of neighborhood residents and the number has not increased in the 7-1/2 years since I moved into the area.

For every home that has deteriorated, two have been rehabilitated.

According to the Growth Management Act, Edgecliff is in many ways an ideal community. We are a mixed-use, mixed-density, mixed-income neighborhood with quality open space.

People like living here!

We have hillside or mountain views on three sides, many mature trees, mostly low traffic volumes and people who greet you on the street.

First Avenue has deteriorated. The county engineers are slowly buying houses to make way for the Valley couplet. These vacated lots are filled with dry weeds, a fire hazard and an eyesore.

Remaining residents know their homes will be removed.

By the way, why should everyone pay to improve a police substation that will soon be gone? Wanda B. Warren Spokane

Kids deserve best education possible

Even during the Great Depression, our parents made sacrifices so that we could get a good education.

We call upon the people of the Central Valley School District to make the necessary improvements to Central Valley High School and build a new University High School.

Let’s give our young people the best in education possible so that they will be able to compete in this very competitive age. Maurice B. Cauchon Spokane

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