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Thu., Oct. 16, 1997

The “Ivy League” originally was listed as the “IV” league. The Roman numeral alluded to the original four schools therein: Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia.

In the Old West, mules pulled plain stagecoaches cross-country. On the last legs, travelers climbed into fancy ornate stages drawn by horses - to arrive in high style. Not on every trip on every line. But it was a fairly common routine.

In 1908, monosodium glutamate - call it MSG - was isolated from seaweed, long after Oriental cooks started using seaweed in their dishes to bring out the flavors.

Professional shoplifters are always well dressed.

Painted on an interior wall of an Egyptian tomb dating back to about 2000 B.C. are six men in action - two scrubbing cloth, two wringing it out, and two folding same. Man’s work, the laundry. Post this on the washing machine.

Obese people are more likely to live in little towns than in big cities. That’s one of those per capita calculations so dearly prized by the demographers.

Korean women historically weren’t allowed out of the house after dark.

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