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Those Personal Trainers Are Always First To Know

Sat., Oct. 25, 1997, midnight

If you look to Hollywood for spiritual guidance, you’ll be interested to know the latest fad, according to Entertainment Weekly, is Kabbalah, the study of Jewish mysticism.

Among its students are Barbra Streisand, Courtney Love, Roseanne, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Donna Karan (has she abandoned Deepak?).

Sandra Bernhard, who first heard of Kabbalah from her personal trainer - where else? - is said to be one of its key missionaries in Tinseltown. “Kabbalah has awakened the truth and wisdom inside of me,” Bernhard told the magazine, “which is within each of us.”

“I’m not sure if the celebrities can explain what it is,” said Rabbi David Cooper, author of “God is a Verb,” a book on Kabbalah, “or if it’s just a cool thing to be doing.”

Loose talk

After 89 years, longtime comedian and neophyte publisher Milton Berle has learned that moderation is the key to everything “including moderation.”

Fifty-six candles ‘No Way to Treat a Lady’

Helen Reddy turns 56 today.

We thought pistols weren’t allowed in court

Johnny Rotten is all right - at least in the eyes of “Judge Judy.”

The rock star, a k a John Lydon, appeared on retired New York judge Judy Sheindlin’s syndicated TV show this week to resolve a dispute with drummer Robert Williams.

Williams claimed damages of $5,000 for lost wages and civil battery after losing his job as drummer on Lydon’s “Psycho’s Path” album concert tour this summer.

But according to Lydon, former lead of the Sex Pistols, Williams quit.

The judge ruled in Lydon’s favor.

“Now I’m going to get on with my life. We’re going after the real killers,” Lydon said afterward, alluding to the comment O.J. Simpson made after his murder-trial acquittal.

(The episode featuring Lydon’s case will air in three to four weeks.)

He’s just trying to head off another apocalypse

Martin Sheen is heading back to the Philippines - not to reshoot scenes for “Apocalypse Now” (we heard they finally finished that), but to defend the poor.

Sheen is to arrive next month to visit slum areas facing demolition by the government. He and members of the group Urban Poor Colloquium will visit poor communities and recommend ways of dealing with the problems of inadequate housing and public services.

The colloquium claims the government plans to remove about half a million slum dwellers from metropolitan Manila to make room for constructions projects.

‘I don’t care if you are president - I’m leading!’

How does the secretary of state pass the time during those long, business flights?

Madeleine Albright took a tango lesson aboard Air Force One on her way from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires recently.

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