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Mass Grave Found In Bosnia

Bosnian officials have found a mass grave that contains the remains of up to 300 people, state television reported Monday.

The reported grave was said to be near the hamlet of Hrgar, just southeast of Bihac in Bosnia’s extreme northwest. The area was bitterly contested between Serbs and Muslims during Bosnia’s 3-1/2-year war, which ended in 1995.

Local judge Adem Jakupovic told Bosnian state television that up to 300 people could be buried inside the grave, which was up to 280 feet deep.

Besim Dervisevic, a member of the local team investigating the grave, said a great deal of rubbish was also dumped into the pit where the grave reportedly was located. He said he saw several bodies during one probe, when he went 132 feet into the pit.

Television showed pictures of human remains said to have been found in the grave.

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