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Swiss Post Office Robbed Of $37 Million

Tue., Sept. 2, 1997

In a daring daylight raid, armed robbers posing as postal workers stole more than $37 million from a Zurich post office Monday in one of the world’s biggest robberies, authorities said.

In a precisely executed operation, the five robbers foiled a string of security precautions to carry out the holdup at the post office, near the Fraumuenster church in the heart of Zurich’s old town.

Driving a delivery van with stolen post office license plates and decals, the robbers showed phony identification papers to get past a security gate and enter the inner courtyard of the post office, law enforcement officials said.

Using handguns to hold postal workers at bay, the robbers grabbed several containers of cash from a loading dock and threw them into the van. In a few minutes, they had filled the vehicle.

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