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Gingrich’s Sister To Launch Magazine

House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s half-sister hopes to start a magazine tailored to conservative women’s tastes.

“A lot of women are totally disgusted with what’s available. A lot of them have stopped buying magazines,” Susan Gingrich said.

She already has ideas for articles - “Women and guns,” for example, “What does it mean to be a lady today?” and “The popularity and extraordinary success of Christian diet programs.”

Gingrich, 49, quit her job as a Medicaid administrator in April to concentrate on starting the magazine, which she intends to call Today’s Lady. She has talked to potential investors and set spring for the magazine’s premiere. The idea for the magazine came in 1995, when she wrote an article about her half-brother’s first year as House speaker and how it affected his family.

“I tried to get it published, and none of the leading magazines wanted it. It was a positive article about Newt and the Republicans.”


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