Tightrope Walkers Set Record Over Thames

MONDAY, SEPT. 15, 1997

Two tightrope walkers from the United States and France balanced their way into the record books Sunday when they crossed the Thames on a one-inch thick wire strung 150 feet above the water.

Organizers said it was the first time two men had crossed the Thames on a single wire without a safety net. If either had fallen, the impact on ground or water likely would have resulted in serious injury or death.

Holding poles to help them maintain their balance, Frenchman Didier Pasquette, 29, and U.S. tightrope walker Jade Kindar-Martin, 23, set off from opposite ends of the 1,000-foot wire.

When they met halfway, Pasquette sat down on the rope as Kindar-Martin carefully stepped over him. The two then threw two flowers into the river in memory of Princess Diana, who died on Aug. 31.

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