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Intercepted Pager Messages Not A Threat, White House Says

The validity of a transcript of supposed White House pager messages being circulated on the Internet cannot be confirmed, but in any event it is not threat to security, a White House spokesman said Sunday.

“We have not verified the validity of it, and we won’t be able to do that,” said spokesman Barry Toiv. “But anyone who works at the White House and uses the pager system is instructed that the messages are not secure.”

The messages, reputed to be White House messages intercepted by hackers from the White House paging system on April 27, have been circulated on the Internet.

Messages include routine-sounding requests to return phone calls, requests from media outlets and notes about a speechwriter’s printer problems.

“Eagle Depart/Andrews” is a repeated note that a legend says means President Clinton (Eagle) is leaving Andrews Air Force Base.

They also include personal messages like, “Don’t forget to page me tonight when you want me in your room.”

And there’s one note about breaking news, “Minor hostage situation in Texas, not much now. Will advise. PEOC.”

Toiv said even if these messages are real - they haven’t been checked out - their disclosure does not pose a problem to the White House.

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