Kevorkian Helps Another Patient Commit Suicide

MONDAY, SEPT. 22, 1997

An ailing 78-year-old Canadian man committed suicide with Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s help after consulting with him several times, Kevorkian’s attorney said.

Natverlal H. Thakore of British Columbia suffered from Parkinson’s disease, said Geoffrey Fieger, Kevorkian’s attorney. He killed himself Saturday night.

In a letter Fieger sent to the media, Thakore said he wanted to die in a dignified way rather than be “reduced to the indignities of childhood diapers; spoon-feeding; semi-death.”

Police Capt. James Anas said in a statement that officers were called to a motel around 10 p.m. Saturday and “found an unidentified male deceased from an unidentified cause.” The department declined to comment further.

It would be the fourth suicide linked to Kevorkian since Aug. 29.

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