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Wed., Sept. 24, 1997, midnight

Little punks in the NFL

New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct two weeks ago when he got into Jets defensive back Victor Green’s face.

“He’s yelling, ‘It’s about time they called one on you, you little punk,”’ Green said.

“Turns out the call wasn’t against them,” Bledsoe sheepishly admitted.

If looks could kill …

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher admitted Tuesday he considered tackling Jacksonville’s Chris Hudson as he raced downfield to score on a game-ending blocked field goal Monday night.

Hudson scooped up the loose ball after the Jaguars’ Clyde Simmons blocked Norm Johnson’s potential game-winning field goal with 6 seconds to play in Jacksonville’s 30-21 victory.

As Hudson ran by the Steelers’ bench, an angry Cowher clenched his hands as if he were about to step onto the field. The look on his face would have scared Jack Lambert.

“I could have (tackled) him,” Cowher said. “It crossed my mind. But thank God I didn’t.”

Cowher no doubt would have received a stiff fine and, likely, a suspension had he left the bench.


Mike wants to be like us

A lot of people dream about being Michael Jordan. So what does Jordan dream about?

“My ultimate dream is to get a pot belly,” Jordan told TV interviewer Keenen Ivory Wayans. “I just want to sit around and relax and not focus on what I have to do the next day.”

Damn the torpedoes

Bill Frieder, who resigned under pressure as Arizona State’s basketball coach, was never known for his patience.

While sitting on an airplane grounded because of mechanical problems, an exasperated Frieder stood up and shouted, “Get this thing in the air! We’ll take our chances.”

Apparently Frieder recruited in much the same fashion, resulting, of course, in a crash landing.

Panthers don’t need Irish luck

Mead has a new football coach, Bob McCray, who is eager to put his own stamp on a program that has been in the state playoffs eight straight years. One of the first things he did was change the uniforms, going to a darker blue and bold gold. The Panthers’ home uniforms of gold helmets and pants and blue jersey look a lot like Notre Dame’s.

One local anti-Irish football fan commented how it would be hard to wish good things for McCray, who is a good man, because his team looked too much like Notre Dame.

Another local high school fan responded, “They can’t be like Notre Dame, they haven’t lost yet.”

The last word …

“I’m through picking on Rick Mirer. I promise. It’s like stepping on a gerbil. If (Bears coach Dave) Wannstedt treats Mirer like a non-quarterback, that’s enough.”

-Chicago Tribune columnist Bernie Lincicome, following the Bears 31-3 loss to New England in which Mirer fumbled once and threw two interceptions.

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