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Official Records



Marriage licenses

Travis F. Hansen and Anna M. Gust, both of Spokane.

Douglas D. Steiner and Heidi L. Nafzgar, both of Spokane.

Duane R. Smith and Penny M. Rowe, both of Spokane.

Jeffrey A. Paschall of Springfield, Ore., and Amy L. Current of Colville.

Daniel P. Bledsoe of Spokane and Michelle R. Morris of Nine Mile Falls.

Phillip M. Nomee and Jannell A. Korbel, both of Spokane.

Jonathon D. Wiedmer and Tracie L. Lilienthal, both of Spokane.

Michael M. Mize and Suzanne C. Nash, both of Spokane.

Orion S. Huntley and Kelly L. Ralston, both of Republic, Wash.

Wayne A. Hunt and Robbieyn J. Brewer, both of Spokane.

Matthew L. Throop and Stephanie B. Shepherd, both of Spokane.

Steven M. Weiss and Kathryn L. Gordon, both of Spokane.

Dan R. Brumwell of Columbia Falls, Mont., and Susan L. Ashley of Spokane.

In the courts

Superior Courts

New suits

Estela Radovancev vs. Eastern Washington University, et al, violation of civil rights.

Brian W. Nelson dba The Milestone vs. John E. and Kittie Casch, complaint to enjoin harassment and for monetary damages.

Kiemle & Hagood Company, et al, vs. Craig and Cindy Ladwig, seeking restitution of premises.

Spokane Merchants Association dba NACM-Inland Northwest vs. Developers Insurance Company, money claimed owed.

PoLo Lehmann vs. Aaron Palmer, seeking restitution of premises.

Gerard and Janet Pope vs. Ken Parrish, seeking restitution of premises.

Myra E. Trent vs. Donald and Patricia Bails, et al, seeking damages for injuries from vehicle collision.

Devon D. Croston vs. Wenda M. Beaudoin, seeking damages for injuries from vehicle collision.

Nancy E. Rosenthal, et al, vs. Curtis E. and Marjorie V. Bloomquist, et al, foreclosure.

Student Loan Fund of Idaho Inc., vs. Curt E. Jordan Sr., money claimed owed.

David and Rema Witte dba Bearcat Excavating vs. Joe L. and Amy L. Knudson, et al, money claimed owed.

Stephen L. and Vernette Gilmore vs. Beaulah A. and Elmer D. Gibbons, seeking restitution for an alleged breach of contract.

Johnston Properties vs. Mike Eldridge, et al, seeking restitution of premises.

Richard E. and Patricia J. Wilcox vs. Donald A. Shipley, seeking damages for injuries from vehicle collision.

Betty McCoy vs. Spokane Transit Authority, et al, seeking restitution for personal injury damages.

Lorraine Milne vs. LaTanya Vreen, et al, seeking restitution of premises.

Sanya Ala vs. Holy Family Hospital, seeking restitution for damages due to negligence.

Gary McWilliams vs. Kristine L. Fields, seeking restitution of premises.

Christina Chenoweth vs. Hydro-Teck Generator Repair, Inc., wrongful termination of employment.

Jack and Maxine Edmondson vs. Douglas L. Taes, et al, seeking damages for injuries from vehicle collision.

Gates Realty Inc., vs. Sandra Kleist, seeking restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Anderson, George S. and Pamela S.

Majocha, Paula M. and Michael J. P.

Cross, Gary J. and Wendy A.

Oberle, Maria S. and Gerald D.

Groves, Theresa A. and Daniel F.

Shafer, Tom L. and Tracy L.

Coston, Danelle M. and Randy G.

Piccolo, Kriten and Vincent.

Luhmann, Michael A. and Carolee S.

Schwartz, Lorina M. and Richard A.

Bailey, Edward M. and Kathy L.

Marriage Dissolution Granted

Rumsey, Hal and Deborah.

Larson, James G. and Sharon K.

Harlander, Dwane E. and Edna A.

Sodorff, Gary and Nellie.

Criminal sentencings

Judge Paul A. Bastine

Jesus Olivera, Jr., 23; $1,860 restitution, 30 days in jail with credit given for four days served, 12 months’ community supervision, after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

Judge Salvatore F. Cozza

James M. Nedelkovitsch, 33; 36 months in prison with credit given for 136 days served, after being found guilty of two counts of third-degree assault.

Judge Robert D. Austin

Tammy J. Eisenhart, 34; 30 days in jail with credit given for seven days served, 12 months’ community supervision, after pleading guilty to second-degree burglary.

Kandy L. Campbell, 48; $1,710 restitution, six months in jail with credit given for three days served, 12 months’ community supervision, after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Jaime L. Huidron, 34; $2,477 restitution, three months in jail with credit given for 18 days served, 12 months’ community supervision, after pleading guilty to two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Federal courts

New suits

Taplett Fruit Packing Inc., vs. Viva Tiger Inc., seeking award of reparation.

Bankruptcy petitions

Robert L. and Pamela A. West, 1517 E. 14th, debts of $165,902.

Gillie R. and Marilyn M. Gable, Moxee, Wash., debts of $143,505.

Marcos A. Sanchez, Toppenish, Wash., debts of $26,763.

Gregory S. Parker, 6423 N. Washington, debts of $170,690.

Kendel M. and Loretta M. Kienholz, 5732 N. Assembly, debts of $21,601.

David W. Quigley, Winthrop, Wash., debts of $59,288.

Kristen M. Talbott, Kennewick, debts of $21,282.

Sharyn B. Barnhart, Wenatchee, debts of $81,715.

Daniel and Patricia Newman, Wenatchee, debts of $188,333.

Robert W. and Vicki L. Hanson, Wenatchee, debts of $165,526.

Jon L. Hunt, College Place, Wash., debts of $87,540.

Leonna Mehas, Kennewick, debts unspecified.

Ronald L. and Susan L. Denny, College Place, Wash., debts of $130,696.

John C. and Sarah M. C. Hacking, Veradale, Wash., debts of $11,487.

Michael G. Mathena, Wenatchee, debts of $179,083.

Robert W. Sanchez and Jeanette A. Haack-Sanchez, 3908 E. 25th, debts of $233,653.

Willard D. and Patricia A. Kanan, Sprague, Wash., debts of $73,753.

George R. and Kathryn A. Gray, 2443 E. North Altamont, debts of $232,117.

Kenneth M. and Gail L. Ryken, 3404 E. 23rd, debts of $134,945.

Robert D. and Cindy L. Parnell, 2516 N. Nevada, debts of $14,912.

James M. Crider and Bonny J. Lyons-Crider, 1207 W. Carlisle, debts of $116,244.

Jack A. and Faith M. Grandstaff, 533 E. Broad, debts of $28,200.

Victor and Rebecca Spring, 2102 N. Dick, debts of $116,401.

Scott R. and Priscilla E. Neils, Rigby, Idaho, debts of $448,834.

Marilyn M. Skeels, Addy, Wash., debts of $217,896.

Wage-earner petitions

David Garcia, 1214 E. Bridgeport, debts unspecified.

Earl J. and Sandra M. Dahlstrom, Yakima, debts of $97,764.

Jon H. Sr. and Joan E. Russell, Chelan, Wash., debts unspecified.

Joseph Matherly, Davenport, Wash., debts of $20,266.

Richard D. and Geania L. Scull, Chelan, Wash., debts of $59,541.

District courts

Only fines or forfeitures of $75 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Daniel T. Maggs

Anthony C. Douglas, 26; $250 fine, 24 months’ probation, possession of a controlled substance and assault, domestic violence.

Judge John J. Madden

David A. Bennett, 34; $600 fine, 24 months’ probation, first-degree negligent driving.

Michael D. Lynch, 31; $200 fine, disorderly conduct.

Robert J. McMillan, 37; $600 fine, 24 months’ probation, first-degree negligent driving.

Frank William Owen II, 46; $300 fine, 24 months’ probation, first-degree negligent driving.

William M. Pierce, 47; $600 fine, 24 months’ probation, first-degree negligent driving, possession of a controlled substance.

Robert V. Sellers, 27; $400 fine, 12 months’ probation, first-degree negligent driving.

Christopher R. Sullivan, 16; $200 fine, reckless driving.

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