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Boose Still Feeling Pain From Nasty Usc Line

It’s no secret that USC’s offensive line hasn’t pushed anyone around this season.

Through three games, the Trojans rank dead last in rushing among the nation’s 112 major-college football teams.

USC’s linemen have left a lasting impression nonetheless, especially with one of Washington State’s best defensive palyers.

Dorian Boose continues to play through injuries sustained in the Cougars’ 28-21 victory over USC two weeks ago. The 6-foot-6, 280-pound defensive end says his sprained knee and twisted ankle resulted from dirty play.

“I got chopped in a knee after the whistle was blown,” Boose said Wednesday. “And then Phalen Pounds (USC’s left tackle) just runs and jumps on my leg. He and the other tackle (Ken Bowen), they run and just roll on my leg.

“I’m telling them to get up and they’re just rolling on my leg. The next play, I got up and I struck him and I stepped and the ankle just turned.”

Defensive tackle Leon Bender, who batted down three passes against the Trojans, suffered a broken rib during the game.

Boose’s troubles continued during last week’s 35-22 Victory at Illinois.

“There was one time I had just got the tackle, grabbed him, and this guy comes and chops me right away,” Boose said. “And that’s illegal. For them not calling it, it really bothers me, because somebody’s going to get hurt out there.

“I’m going to get hurt out there if guys are allowed to take cheap shots like that. I’m in pain. I feel like and old man.”

Boose said he expects more of the same as the season wears on.

“Guys are just trying to break me down,” he said. “I wonder sometimes if their coaches are telling them to take me out, stop that outside rush.”

Boose leads the Cougars with four tackles-for-loss, including two sacks.

Texas, that hoops hotbed

When Texas basketball coach Tom Penders took a recruit to the UCLA-Texas football game two weeks ago in Austin, he was hardly fazed when the Bruins romped to a 66-3 victory.

“See,” Penders told the recruit, “I told you Texas is a basketball school.”

Putting that Oregon education to use

After failing to distinguish himself in two NFL training camps, former Oregon tight end Josh Wilcox is considering a career as a professional wrestler.

So far, the career move has been a tough sell with his mother. “I suggested she could be my manager and wear a rubber dress, but she didn’t like that idea,” Wilcox said. “Right now, I’m just going to be my own personality, which is screwy enough.”

Cal goes bowling

California quarterback Justin Vedder and receiver Bobby Shaw are among a group of about 10 current and former Bears who get together every Tuesday night for bowling.

Vedder said Shaw, the NCAA’s receiving leader with 22 catches, is fairly particular about how he approaches the game.

“It’s ridiculous. He’ll go off and spend 20 minutes looking for his special bowling ball,” said Vedder, adding that Shaw does a “strike dance” each time he clears the pins with one ball.

And, no, Vedder assured, Shaw does not spike the ball.

Around the Pac-10

UCLA has a chance this weekend to accomplish something it hasn’t done in almost two years - win back-to-back games. The last time was Oct. 28, 1995, when the Bruins defeated Cal a week after beating Stanford… . Cal’s oncewoeful run defense is allowing just 95 yards per game, despite having faced Oklahoma and its option attack last week. The surprising Bears (3-0) next play USC, which hasn’t rushed for more than 31 yards in a game this season… . Cal freshman punter Nick Harris, who posted a 4.63-second time in the 40-yard dash despite his 210-pound frame, put his head down against Oklahoma and bulled ahead for a first down.

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