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Have Manufacturers Got A New Gizmo For You! There Are Many Ingenious Items To Make Hunt More Enjoyable

To some people, the best thing about hunting is going afield with new gear and gadgets. Luckily for them, manufacturers see to it that there is no shortage of innovative products.

Some of the stuff is incredibly advanced. Some of it is amazingly simple. Here are a few items that should make your hunting more enjoyable, and maybe even more successful:

Outlaw Decoys, a Spokane-based company with a broad line of products, has a Flying Goose decoy that attaches to a pole that can extend up to 16 feet tall. The paper goose decoy flutters on a length of fishing line to attract geese from long distances. Contact: General Store, telephone (509) 444-8000.

Sleeping Indian wool camouflage clothing, in which the pattern is woven in to the garment is a lifetime investment for two reasons. It’s expensive and it seems to last forever. Fleece camo is good, but sparks from a campfire will melt it. Contact: White’s Boots in Spokane, (509) 535-2422.

The Safari Sling, introduced several years ago, is just beginning to catch on with hunters as an alternative to the traditional straight sling for carrying a rifle. The nylon sling, made by Boonie Packer Products, has two loops on either side of the sling allowing the rifle to be carried upright in front of the hunter. Contact: General Store, telephone (509) 444-8000.

Climbing up and down treestands or lugging your gear around the woods can put a strain on even the healthiest backs. Hunters now can get relief with the Flexsupreme anti-fatigue back belt. The lightweight belt, which comes in Advantage camouflage, relaxes tight lower-back muscles and provides support. Cost: $30. Contact: Biowerk USA Inc., telephone (717) 697-3310

A variety of accessories help hunters get their gear to and from the woods. Bowhunters will appreciate carrying their bows with an adjustable bow sling, which easily clips on and off the limbs of any bow. Once in your stand, keep your bow at the ready by supporting it with the bow-leg sling, which slips over your belt and rests against your thigh. Other helpful items include the hunter’s utility rope, the double deer drag and the leather bow wrist strap. Contact: Quaker Boy, telephone (800) 544-1600.

Camouflage patterns are being made into just about any garment, including pants, jackets, hats, overalls, T-shirts, sweatshirts. Now camo comes in jeans. Rugged Wear Camo Jeans come in Advantage and Realtree X-tra Brown patterns. Contact: Wrangler Rugged Wear, telephone (888)-497-2645.

Guns and replacement gun barrels protected by Ultra-Coat with Teflon are taking the corrosion out of hunting. The coating protects the inside and outside of barrels, receivers and other gun components. In tests conducted in saltwater, Ultra-Coat barrels had no corrosion while blued barrels were completely rusted and stainless steel barrels were partially rusted. Contact: Redhead Hunting Specialists, (888)-733-4323.

New non-toxic tungsten-iron shotshells have received temporary conditional approval for the 1997-98 duck hunting season in the United States and Canada. The loads are 30 percent denser than steel and 94 percent as dense as lead. Lead shot has been banned for waterfowl hunting. Tungsten-Iron is available in 2-1/2 and 3-inch shells and shot sizes of 4, 2 and BB. Contact: Federal Cartridge Co., (800) 322-2342.

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