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Diana Ok’d Biography, Writer Says Princess Gave Him Interviews, Photos For 1992 Best-Seller

Tue., Sept. 30, 1997

It turns out that the greatest royal source of all on Diana, princess of Wales, was none other than Diana, princess of Wales.

Diana approved every page, provided family photos and gave six interviews that formed the core of Andrew Morton’s 1992 best-seller “Diana, Her True Story.”

Morton told the Times of London Monday that Diana was so involved in the project, she even made handwritten corrections to the manuscript and chose the cover photo.

In a foreword to a revised edition published this week, Morton writes, “To all intents and purposes it was her autobiography, the personal testament of a woman who saw herself at the time as voiceless and powerless.

“The story contained in its pages came from her lips, the pain and heartache in her life revealed in a series of interviews. Her words came from the heart, outlining in graphic and, at times, agonizing detail, the sorrow and loneliness felt by a woman admired and adored around the world.

“Today her testimony stands as an eloquent and unique witness before the tribunal of history.”

When it was first published, Morton’s book shook the monarchy, revealing details of Diana’s troubled marriage to Prince Charles, her suicide attempts, eating disorders and torment at living behind the palace walls.

The book told Diana’s story through so-called “friends.” For years, Morton steadfastly denied he had ever interviewed the princess, although many in the British media believed she had fully participated in the work. But after Diana’s death in an Aug. 31 car crash in Paris, Morton decided to come forward.

In Monday’s Times of London, Morton said he chose to reveal his source because it was “important as a matter of historical record that - to quote Earl Spencer, her brother - ‘she is allowed to sing openly.”’


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