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TV Week Revisions

Sun., Feb. 1, 1998

The revised TV Week debuted three Sundays ago and since then hundreds of readers have responded to our invitation for comments.

Based on their suggestions, we have reinstated the Odyssey channel programming into the grids.

Also, programming for several channels was inadvertently listed in Eastern time. We’ve asked the company which provides us with the listings to adjust them to Pacific time.

Initial production problems created discrepancies in the color coding of the grids as well as the stapling and trimming of the TV Week magazine. These have been corrected.

Many readers asked that we reinstate the old publication. The press on which the old TV Week was printed is no longer usable, which forced us to produce the magazine on a newer press. Also, production constraints on that press do not allow a book larger than the current 64 pages.

We appreciate all who took the time to call and offer helpful suggestions. Because of the vast number of calls, we are unable to return all of the messages. We will continue to make refinements in the magazine. However, we won’t be taking any more comments at this time.

, DataTimes


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