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Results From Outlying Counties

Here are election results from outlying counties that were available at press time.

All the financial measures had adequate voter turnouts to validate, but the outcome of some issues was uncertain because results from other counties were unavailable for some districts that cross county lines. In order to pass, levies and bond measures must have at least 60 percent support and a turnout equal to 40 percent of that in the last general election.

With yes votes listed first, here are the votes and the percentage of support:

Pend Oreille County

Selkirk (Ione-Metaline Metaline Falls) school levy, 559-261, 68.2 percent yes.

Lincoln County

Public Hospital District No. 1 levy (Odessa), 379-154, 71.1 per cent yes; Odessa school levy, excluding Adams and Grant County results, 325-182, 64.1 percent; Park and Recreation District No. 2 levy (Almira), 105-24, 81.4 percent; town of Creston bond measure, 79-13, 85.9 percent; Wilbur school levy, 296-181, 62.1 percent; Reardan-Edwall school levy, excluding Spokane County results, 325-182, 64.1 percent.

Whitman County

Pullman school levy, 1,893-476, 79.8 percent; Colfax school levy, 774-217, 78.1 percent; Endicott school levy, excluding Adams County results, 153-44, 77.7 percent; Rosalia school levy, excluding Spokane County results, 264-134, 66.3 percent; St. John School levy, excluding Spokane County results, 231-77, 74.5 percent; town of Endicott, Proposition 1 (street levy), 102-26, 78.5 percent, Proposition 2 (library levy), 102-24, 78.5 percent, Proposition 3 (sewer levy), 109-18, 83.8 percent; town of St. John, Proposition 1 (street levy), 155-26, 84.7 percent, Proposition 2 (sewer levy), 157-23, 85.8 percent; Endicott Park and Recreation District, Proposition 1 (pool levy), 142-52, 72.1 percent; St. John Cemetery District levy, 240-41, 83.6 percent.

Stevens County

Results were unavailable.

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