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Get A Whiff Of This…

It pays to read the headline.

Gil Gander started scanning an IN Life story last Sunday that made mention of “Nearly 30,000 home sewers” converging. And for a moment he had the wrong idea.

You be the Slice editor: Call our phonemail and vote for the item you want to see in Tuesday’s column.

1. The secret to remembering to put out the trash.

2. The pressure of being asked to remind someone of something.

3. Monster truck memories.

4. The difficulty of getting scrambled eggs the way you want them in Spokane restaurants.

5. The Fairchild Air Force Base KC-135 on the cover of this week’s Air Force Times.

6. Spokane’s most entertaining liberal lifestyle poses.

7. The white crow on the South Hill.

8. Men and Shania Twain videos.

9. Big hair: heritage or horror?

10. (For singles.) Why you should dump anyone who expects you to take Valentine’s Day seriously.

Kid stuff: Becky Moser’s 10-year-old daughter asked if there were still “leprechauns” isolated in a colony on one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Washington R Us: “Re: Correction of pronunciation of Washington,” wrote Marilee Beckley. “In the old days, the ‘R’ in Washington was one of the ways to tell a true native Washingtonian from outsiders. Maybe it can still be used as a clue to one’s origins.”

Gifts from teachers: Dee Harvey remembers a pretty navy blue sweater given to her by her fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Peel.

Hetty Hartford still has a “Three Little Kittens” story book given to her by her first-grade teacher in 1933.

Many years ago, a teacher gave Jean Taylor and her sister a pair of bear-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

And when Margaret Koivula had her tonsils out, her sixth-grade teacher Patricia Shanks wrote her a poem as a get-well present.

Koivula can still recite “Happy Hopping Hail.”

Happy hopping hail!

Life from fairy tale!

Content not where you light,

To some new spot take flight.

Pellets full of mirth,

Investigating earth,

Dancing all around

To some new spot you’ve found!

Today’s Slice question: If you got to rename the IN Life section, which would you choose?

a.) Living Life.

b.) Women & Women.

c.) Focus on People Like You.

d.) Scream.

e.) 8 Pages o’ Features.

f.) Doin’ Life.

g.) other.

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