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Clearly, The Eye Doesn’t Have It

We hate to spoil the fun for anyone who’s living in a cave - or relying on CBS for Winter Olympics coverage - but Idaho’s Picabo Street won the women’s super-G competition Tuesday.

By one-hundredth of a second.

This, after blowing a knee a year ago and after being knocked unconscious in a European race crash just over a week ago. Only seven-hundredths of a second separated the top three finishers. What a race! What a comeback story! Too bad CBS didn’t break into its taped broadcast to tell us about it.

We know, of course, that a 14-hour time difference creates a planning nightmare. But CBS should have prepared for a possible repeat performance by the 1994 silver medalist. You would think producers would have aired a feature on her Tuesday night, just waiting for results to top it off.

Unfortunately, CBS has geared its Olympics coverage to the East Coast. But there’s a lot more to America than New York City and a lot more to the Olympics than taped figure skating, maudlin stories about Russians and commentator Jim Nance’s ad libs. Whatever happened to live, comprehensive coverage? We want to see the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat when it happens - not Michelle Kwan practicing.

Maybe CBS should be tested for sleep-inducing drugs before it’s allowed to bid on the next Olympics.

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