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Police Say Gang Members Lay Low In Nw California Teens Arrested After Standoff Had Been In Town A Month, Local Detective Says

Fri., Feb. 27, 1998

Two California teens who surrendered after a six-hour standoff with police Wednesday apparently came to Spokane to find a quiet place to lay low.

Lue Xiong of Merced and Dao Moua of Sacramento, both 17, will be returned to California to face charges of violating parole and attempted murder stemming from a Jan. 6 drive-by shooting.

Merced Detective Jim Becker said it’s not unusual for members of Asian gangs in California to flee and stay with friends or relatives in Seattle or Spokane. Becker said the teens had been in Spokane for at least a month before California authorities called Spokane police Tuesday.

“It seems like they (Spokane police) pretty much knew where to look,” Becker said.

Spokane Officer Larry Saunders of the department’s anti-gang unit said the teens were staying with friends at 2223 W. Dean. The friends were questioned, and police are still considering charges against them for aiding fugitives, he said.

Weapons seized during the standoff included a .357-caliber handgun, a .25-caliber handgun, a pump-action .22 rifle and a 30-30 lever-action rifle.

Members of at least six Asian gangs live in Spokane, Saunders said.

The number of gang members varies as they travel into and out of the area, Saunders said. Most gangs have four or five core members here, but Saunders said he has seen as many as 14 together at once.

“It’s not uncommon,” Saunders said. “These people are very transient, they come and go. This seems like a striking example, but it’s been with us for years.”

The teens belonged to Men of Destruction, a California-based gang that moved into the Spokane area about five years ago, Saunders said. The gang has members operating across the country, he said.

The gang is into car theft, car prowling, burglaries and home-invasion robberies, Saunders said. Merced officer Rod Dash said the gang is considered extremely violent, and is often involved in drug dealing, drive-by shootings and credit card scams over the Internet.

“They’ll do just about anything to make money,” Dash said.

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