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Drive Summary

FRIDAY, JAN. 2, 1998


Michigan Washington State

Time of possession 13:45 16:15

Passing yards 116 106

Rushing yards 21 50

WSU possession No. 1

Starts: WSU 20. Ends: WSU 32.

Plays: 6. Yards: 12. Time: 2:18.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Ryan Leaf opens drive with well-thrown 8-yard pass to tightly covered Chris Jackson, but misfires badly on second down. Michael Black picks up 4 yards and first down over left tackle, but drive stalls when Charles Woodson, coming on corner blitz, pressures Leaf into incompletions on first and third downs.

Michigan possession No. 1

Starts: UM 25. Ends: UM 38.

Plays: 5. Yards: 13. Time: 2:29.

Result: Interception. Brian Griese pass, intended for Chris Howard, is picked off by Lamont Thompson at WSU 37.

Recap: Griese rolls right on second down and hits Mark Campbell for 7-yard gain and first down at UM 37. On third-and-10, Griese gets off hurried throw while being leveled by blitzing WSU linebacker Steve Gleason. Thompson comes up with pick.

WSU possession No. 2

Starts: WSU 37. Ends: UM 40.

Plays: 6. Yards: 23. Time: 1:54.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Cougars pick up first down with help from roughing-the-passer penalty on Michigan, but have to punt when Shawn Tims drops pass that would have gained enough for a first down.

Michigan possession No. 2

Starts: UM 1. Ends: UM 10.

Plays: 4. Yards: 9. Time: 1:48.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Michigan goes three-and-out. WSU linebacker Steve Gleason breaks through to stop Chris Howard for 1-yard gain on third-and-2 from the UM 9.

WSU possession No. 3

Starts: UM 47. Ends: UM end zone.

Plays: 6. Yards: 47. Time: 3:09.

Result: Touchdown. Kevin McKenzie 15 pass from Ryan Leaf, Rian Lindell kick.

Score: WSU 7, Michigan 0.

Recap: Leaf, looking at a short field following Jason Vinson’s 37-yard punt, opens drive by hitting Chris Jackson with 11-yard pass. Leaf then makes up for Dhani Jones’ first-down sack by gaining 9 yards on third-down scramble from Michigan’s 32. Michael Black gains 8 yards on draw play, setting up touchdown pass to McKenzie, who beats strong safety Marcus Ray on a short post pattern.

Michigan possession No. 3

Starts: UM 20. Ends: WSU 38.

Plays: 10. Yards: 42. Time: 4:02.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Wolverines get offense untracked as Griese begins throwing to receivers out of the backfield. Howard catches swing passes for gains of 3 and 18 yards and Anthony Thomas hauls in 14-yard pass to set up first down at WSU’s 40. Drive stalls when Cougar strong safety Duane Stewart tips third-down pass.

WSU possession No. 4

Starts: WSU 23. Ends: UM 12.

Plays: 8. Yards: 65. Time: 2:52.

Result: Interception. Woodson picks off Leaf pass, intended for McKenzie, in his own end zone.

Recap: Leaf hits Shawn McWashington with 22-yard pass, setting up first down on the WSU 45. Three plays later, Leaf hits Chris Jackson on quick hitch and Jackson sidesteps UM’s William Peterson for 35-yard gain to the Wolverine 14. Three plays later, Woodson slides in front of McKenzie in back left corner of the end zone and kills drive with interception.

Michigan possession No. 4

Starts: UM 20. Ends: UM 28.

Plays: 4. Yards: 8. Time: 1:30.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Wolverines go three-and-out as WSU defensive end Dorian Boose breaks up Griese’s third-down pass to Mark Campbell.

WSU possession No. 5

Starts: WSU 40. Ends: WSU 37.

Plays: 4. Yards: -3. Time: 1:38.

Result: Punt.

Recap: DeJuan Gilmore, subbing for injured Michael Black at running back, gains 6 yards on first down, but drive dies when Leaf is sacked for 9-yard loss by Rob Renes.

Michigan possession No. 5

Starts: UM 34. Ends: WSU end zone.

Plays: 3. Yards: 66. Time: :56.

Result: Touchdown. Tai Streets 53 pass from Brian Griese, Kraig Baker kick.

Score: WSU 7, Michigan 7.

Recap: After first-down pass interference penalty on WSU’s Ray Jackson, Michigan loses 2 yards on Woodson’s run around right end. But Griese responds on next play by hitting Streets with perfectly thrown pass down the right sideline. Streets beat Jackson.

WSU possession No. 6

Starts: WSU 20. Ends: WSU 27.

Plays: 7. Yards: 7. Time: 2:49.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Illegal substitution penalty on Michigan and 5-yard gain on Leaf pass to Chris Jackson gives Cougars first down, but drive stalls after 15-yard facemask penalty.

Michigan possession No. 6

Starts: UM 32. Ends: UM 36.

Plays: 5. Yards: 4. Time: 1:48.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Griese opens drive with 12-yard pass to Russell Shaw, but Boose breaks through to stop Thomas for 3-yard loss and Brandon Moore sacks Griese for 15-yard loss on third down.

WSU possession No. 7

Starts: WSU 26. Ends: WSU 34.

Plays: 4. Yards: 8. Time: 1:27.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Gilmore gains 9 on second-down draw, but on following play Leaf fumbles snap from center and loses a yard.

Michigan possession No. 7

Starts: UM 25. Ends: UM 10.

Plays: 1. Yards: -15. Time: 1:02

Result: Half ends.

Recap: Michigan is penalized for holding on first play of the drive and lets clock run out after Clarence Williams is stopped for no gain over left guard.


Michigan Washington State

Time of possession 18:29 11:31

Passing yards 135 225

Rushing yards 107 17

Michigan possession No. 8

Starts: UM 24. Ends: WSU 36.

Plays: 9. Yards: 40. Time: 2:42.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Howard gains 28 yards on second-down run over left tackle. On next play, WSU’s Duane Stewart drops potential interception. Cougars’ Brandon Moore and Leon Bender drop Woodson on third-down reverse, but offside penalty keeps drive alive. On third down, Russell Shaw drops a pass on out pattern.

WSU possession No. 8

Starts: WSU 1. Ends: Michigan end zone.

Plays: 8. Yards: 99. Time: 3:45.

Result: Touchdown. Shawn Tims 14 run, kick blocked

Score: WSU 13, Michigan 7.

Recap: Leaf fumbles snap at the 1 but recovers. Big gains include 19-yard pass to Shawn McWashington, 29-yard pass to Chris Jackson and 20-yard pass to Kevin McKenzie. Offsides penalty against Michigan on third down also helps keep drive alive. On touchdown play, Tims takes handoff from Leaf after fake to Jason Clayton and dives into end zone past Michigan’s Marcus Ray.

Michigan possession No. 9

Starts: UM 20. Ends: WSU end zone.

Plays: 7. Yards: 80. Time: 3:26.

Result: Touchdown. Streets 58 pass from Griese, Baker kick.

Score: Michigan 14, WSU 13

Recap: Wolverines run six straight running plays and move to their own 42. After a play-action fake, Griese rolls right and Streets beats Dee Moronkola on deep post pattern for his second touchdown catch.

WSU possession No. 9

Starts: WSU 20. Ends: WSU 47.

Plays: 7. Yards: 27. Time: 3:21.

Result: Punt.

Recap: After losing a yard on second down, Leaf hits McKenzie over the middle for 19-yard gain and first down. Leaf then scrambles right for 8-yard gain, but drive stalls when Gilmore is stopped for losses on two consecutive carries.

Michigan possession No. 10

Starts: UM 23. Ends: WSU end zone.

Plays: 14. Yards: 77. Time: 5:25.

Result: Touchdown. Jerame Tuman 23 pass from Griese, Baker kick.

Score: Michigan 21, WSU 13

Recap: Griese keeps drive alive with 9-yard, third-down completion to Shaw. Howard gains 5 yards around right end just before third quarter ends. Griese later keeps drive alive with two third-down conversions - one a 10-yard completion to Streets and the other a 2-yard sneak. After an 11-yard run by Chris Floyd moves the ball to the WSU 20, Floyd loses 3 yards. Then a wide-open Tuman makes touchdown catch in back right corner of the end zone between three confused WSU defenders.

WSU possession No. 10

Starts: WSU 20. Ends: Michigan 31.

Plays: 8. Yards: 59. Time: 3:56.

Result: Field goal. Rian Lindell 48 yards

Score: Michigan 21, WSU 16

Recap: Facing a third-and-18, Leaf hits McKenzie on a diving, first-down catch to the Cougar 31. With two Wolverines bearing down on him, Leaf lofts a pass to the streaking Gilmore, who is knocked out of bounds at the Michigan 27 for a 42-yard gain. Cornerback Andre Weathers sacks Leaf on first down, the drive stalls and Lindell kicks a field goal.

Michigan possession No. 11

Starts: Michigan 19. Ends: WSU 30.

Plays: 16. Yards: 51. Time: 6:54.

Result: Punt.

Recap: Griese playing brilliantly, converts four times on third-and-long to keep the Cougars from mounting a game-winning drive. On third-and-11 from the Michigan 18, he breaks out of Boose’s grasp and scrambles for an 11-yard gain and a first down. On third-and-7 at the 32, he laterals to Woodson, who fakes a pass then pulls away from a closing Ray Jackson for an 8-yard gain and a first down. On third-and-6 at the Michigan 44, Griese hits Russell Shaw over the middle for a 13-yard gain. Finally, on third-and-7 at the WSU 40, Griese hits Woodson on the right hash mark for 7 yards and a first down with 1:34 left. The Cougars hold, and Michigan pooches a punt to the WSU 7.

WSU possession No. 12

Starts: WSU 7. Ends: Michigan 26.

Plays: 5. Yards: 67. Time: :29.

Result: Game ends with WSU first down at Michigan 26.

Recap: With no timeouts, the Cougs make Michigan squirm. After two incompletions, Nian Taylor makes a leaping catch on a deep sideline pattern for 46 yards to the Michigan 47. With 9 seconds left, the Cougars connect on a hook-and-lateral play. Love Jefferson catches the ball at the 41 and laterals to Jason Clayton, who is brought down inbounds at the Michigan 26. The clock stops with 2 seconds left to move the chains on first down. Leaf immediately spikes the ball, but the referee rules there is no time left.

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