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Steroids Possible Cunanan Trigger Bag At First Killing Scene Had Vials Of Injectable Testosterone

Sun., Jan. 4, 1998, midnight

A gym bag that Andrew Cunanan left behind at the outset of an alleged killing spree contained steroids, which are known to cause violent behavior when abused, a newspaper reported.

Five vials of injectable testosterone - often used illegally by athletes to build muscle - were found at the apartment of David Madson, according to today’s edition of the Star Tribune.

Investigators believe Cunanan acquaintance Jeffrey Trail’s slaying in April was the first committed by Cunanan, who then went on a spree that left four others dead, including fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Cunanan, 27, who was known as a male prostitute, killed himself in July a week after gunning down Versace.

Miami Beach police recently released their investigative files showing they have no idea why Cunanan went on his murderous rampage.

Minneapolis police said the condition of Trail’s body and the amount of blood spattered at the apartment indicated an attack of explosive rage. Trail, an acquaintance of Cunanan’s, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

The apartment was the home of David Madson, a former Cunanan lover and the second victim in the spree.

Testosterone is legally used as hormone therapy, but Cunanan had no medical need for it, the newspaper said. Studies show steroid use can lead to overaggressiveness and violent behavior.

Cunanan’s close friends said he had long boasted of selling illegal drugs, primarily prescription drugs, including testosterone, the Star Tribune said. He also mentioned “smuggling a product from Mexico,” adding that almost all illegal testosterone comes from Mexico.

The Star Tribune said its information came from more than 2,000 pages of documents and 2,300 crime-scene photos, as well as interviews with hundreds of people across the country, including investigators, criminologists, witnesses, friends and family members.

Officials did not test Cunanan’s blood for increased levels of the hormone, and none of his friends saw him use steroids, nor remembered him talking about using them.

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