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Hints From Heloise

Dear Heloise: When planning a new house or if possible in remodeling an old one, put your washer/dryer/laundry facilities as close as possible to the bedrooms rather than in the kitchen or basement. Most of your laundry is generated in the bedrooms. - Rosemary Bolton, Richmond, Ky.

A good thought, and also please be sure that your water heater is adequate. - Heloise

Dear Heloise: I use three-tiered wire hanging baskets in my sewing room to store scraps of lace. When I am working on a project that requires a small amount, I can quickly view my supply. - Ivanell Kemper, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

You are “sew” right! I love those hanging baskets for all kinds of storage: in the bathroom for bows, ribbons, clips etc; in the closet for belts and scarves, and, natch, the kitchen! - Heloise


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