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Stick to the facts

In addressing the traffic problems in Forest Meadows, let’s stick to the facts.

Bowdish is a two-block “residential” road that runs through the Forest Meadows development. It was created and paid for by developers, not Spokane County. It was not designated as an access for Ponderosa, as it is currently used.

Daily, approximately 1,460 cars turn off an arterial, either Sands or 44th, to cut through Forest Meadows and then turn back onto an arterial. These drivers save about two blocks by cutting through Forest Meadows. Sands, 44th and Schafer are designated as arterials by the county and are striped roads with speed limits of 35 miles per hour.

Bowdish contains three signs stating that the speed limit is 25 mph. These signs are ignored by 74 percent of the drivers.

Eleven children live directly on Bowdish, with many others living on 42nd Court. Residents deal not only with speeding cars, but drivers who pass them on the left or right-hand shoulder, drivers who lose control and drive into yards or hit mail boxes, parked cars, even homes.

The current configuration of South Bowdish is a danger for the residents and the children who live along this road and is the No. 1 reason why this neighborhod is seeking a resolution. Julie Ryen Spokane