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Here’s to Felix Hoffman and associates - clink! - who in 1899 invented aspirin - clink! One more clink and we’ll be glad they did.

Q. Why’s a male cat called a tom?

A. It used to be called a ram. In 1760, out came an anonymously written book titled “The Life and Adventures of a Cat.” Top cat therein was named Tom. Exactly then was when people started referring to any male cat as a tom.

A dragonfly can’t walk.

Says a student of social behaviors: “Women are less inclined to laugh when they listen to women than when they listen to men.” Don’t know why. Don’t think I want to know why.

Rarely does a tiger in the wild eat where it kills.

Q. What do the cosmetics experts say is the most common mistake women make in putting on their makeup?

A. Some women, only some women. Over age 40 - too much red on the cheeks. Under age 30 - too much dark around the eyes.

Much is made of religion in early America, but in fact, at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, only 7 percent of the people in the 13 colonies belonged to a church.


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