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Wade Ha’ New Album Due Jan. 27 Billboard

Wade Hayes originally wanted to call his forthcoming album “Tore Up From The Floor Up” after the song of the same name, which represents the raucous, straight-ahead brand of traditional country music he champions.

However, other interests prevailed, and the album, due Jan. 27, is titled “When The Wrong One Loves You Right.” The album is also missing his version of the classic Glen Campbell song “Wichita Lineman,” which did not do particularly well as a single earlier this year, so it was dropped from the album.

The album’s unconventional first single, however, “The Day That She Left Tulsa (In A Chevy),” is attracting attention and airplay.

Hayes says that overall the album is a bit of a departure for him, “but you can tell it’s still our kind of music. I think the big difference is that this album is a little more mature, especially with a song like ‘The Day That She Left Tulsa.’ It’s about a mature subject without being exploitative. I think it’s a very well-written song and is one of the very best I’ve ever heard.

“I write a lot of songs, and I can’t imagine writing that one, being able to tell that story like that. I was lucky with that one - I was the first guy to hear that song after it was finished. It was hot off the press.

“I’m not nearly as shy now as I used to be, but I was scared of that song when I first heard it. It gave me goosebumps.”