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Restaurant Employee Ill With Hepatitis A

An employee at Players and Spectators restaurant on East Sprague has been diagnosed with hepatitis A and health officials recommend anyone who may have been served by the employee be treated for the virus.

The employee handled iced drinks and drink garnishes at the restaurant, located at 12828 E. Sprague. The foods that pose the greatest risk are any iced beverages, including ice water, and garnishes such as lemon wedges, maraschino cherries, etc.

Anyone who ate or drank these times from Dec. 29 through Jan. 5 should get treatment from a doctor or at the Spokane County Health District immediately. The Health District clinic is on the first floor of the health building, 1101 W. College. Call 323-2847 for hours of operation and more information.

The health district has also reported a nationwide shortage of immune globulin, the medication given to people exposed to hepatitis A. Unless another source of immune globuline is found, the health district will be out within one to two weeks. , DataTimes