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First Lady Sees Politics At Play Gag Order Prevents President From Commenting On Jones’ Suit

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton suggests politics are at play in accusations such as Paula Jones’ against her husband.

In an interview aired Monday on Mutual-NBC Radio, HIllary Clinton was asked about Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit.

“Oh, I don’t comment on the case, but I think certainly when you see the kind of political maneuvering that goes on against my husband on a daily basis, there certainly are a lot of agendas out there,” she said.

President Clinton wouldn’t speak about the case Monday, citing a gag order issued by U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright.

“The judge asked us not to talk about it, and I think at least somebody involved in it ought to follow her instructions,” Clinton said.

In a separate radio interview with CBS News, Hillary Clinton said that Saturday, the day her husband gave a lengthy deposition in the Jones case, wasn’t a difficult one for her.

“It was a busy day for me,” she said. “I had a lot of work that had piled up, and I’d been fighting a cold for about a week, so I just kind of hunkered down and went through a lot of my household tasks.”

When Clinton returned home from his lawyer’s office, the first lady said, they “watched a movie and had a good time that evening.”

On Sunday, she said, they went to church, then “came home and actually cleaned closets, the things we’d been meaning to do and had been putting off.”

“We’re both very fortunate that the way we were raised gave us a lot of resilience,” she said. “Our love and support for each other, and the friends and family that we have, just enable us to see what we believe to be true and real, and make the distinction about what isn’t.”

The first lady also spoke out about pictures and video footage that showed her and the president in their bathing suits, dancing on a beach during their winter vacation earlier this month. She denied that the images were staged.

“I have a question for anyone who would say that: Name me any 50-year-old woman who would knowingly pose in her bathing suit, especially with her back pointed toward the camera,” Mrs. Clinton said. “We had no idea anybody was out there but family.”


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