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5 Teenagers Accused In Boy’s Beating

Five teenage boys were allegedly involved in the beating of a sixth Sunday afternoon because they claimed he told police about their drug and gun violations.

One boy, who had been friends with the victim, came to the victim’s home, told him he was alone and asked if they could talk about the victim giving police information. The victim let the boy inside and five other boys barged in, according to a police report.

One boy allegedly pulled out a long, folding pocketknife and asked the victim if he should stab his hand, shoot his hand, or just beat him up. The other four boys prodded the fifth but never touched the victim.

The alleged assailant punched the victim in the face several times and tried to knee him in the face, according to a police report. He also tried to smash the victim’s face into a kitchen counter and then let the victim go, according to the report.

, DataTimes