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It’s Easy To Grow Your Own Sprouts

Sprouted grains and beans add a wholesome touch to many meals. Inexpensive kits are available to grow sprouts, but a wide-mouth quart jar will do, or even the plastic container store-bought sprouts come in. Buy seeds at a grocery or health-food store.

Here are directions from the International Sprout Growers Association:

Gently wash the container, foam pad and lid from store-bought sprouts. Punch holes in the container’s bottom with a fork. Dampen the foam pad and place in the bottom of the container. Spread a tablespoon of seeds evenly on the pad. Using a clean spray bottle or a gentle drip of tap water, mist the seed until soaked. Replace the lid and keep the container on a plate.

For five days, mist your seeds twice a day, morning and afternoon. Keep the lid on otherwise. Taste every day to see how you like them best.

After five days, if you haven’t eaten them all, remove sprouts from the foam pad and store them, covered, in the refrigerator. Clean the container, pad and lid for the next batch.


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