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Wed., Jan. 21, 1998

“For life to continue, life must be able to replicate itself but for life to evolve, life must make mistakes.” So writes Peter Radetsky in “Earth.” He says cookie-cutter copies promote no change. It’s the imperfections, the mutations, the errors that fuel our progress. Interesting. I hear a whisper in the wings: “You sure make a lot of progress.”

You deliver a “dentiloquy,” if you speak through clenched teeth.

Q. “Qur’an” is the currently accepted spelling of “Koran.” What does the word itself mean in Arabic?

A. Recitation.

Beluga whales play tag. Scientists say the temperature around earth’s spinning crystalline iron core is even hotter than the sun’s surface.

Q. Did American Indians ever issue their own currency?

A. Indeed. The Arapahos came out with a $5 bill in 1850. Twelve years later, the Choctaws put forth a 75-cent note, and the Cherokees distributed a $1 bill.

Thomas Jefferson’s mockingbird could whistle a tune while the president played it on the violin. William McKinley’s parrot could whistle “Yankee Doodle.”


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