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Legislator Withdraws School Bond Proposal

Rep. Jim Clark started to propose a bill Wednesday aimed at diverting $15 million in state sales tax proceeds each year to paying off school construction bonds, but he had to withdraw the measure at the last minute.

As members of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee questioned Clark, he discovered that he had mislabeled a code section and left off the effective date.

“Madame Chair, if I may pull this back for stupidity, possibly,” Clark said, and he withdrew the proposal.

Committee members comforted Clark after the committee adjourned, patting his shoulder and telling him to bring the proposal back as soon as he gets it corrected.

“Join the club; I’ve been there, done it,” one representative told him.

Clark said he’ll correct the proposal and bring it back to the committee. He said his idea is to direct the sales tax money toward existing school bond debts and plant facility debts. Ninety-eight of Idaho’s 112 school districts have such debts outstanding, he said.

Clark said he thought growth in sales tax revenues could cover the $15 million annual expense, to start in July of 1999. He said that’s a better plan than raising the sales tax to fund school building needs. , DataTimes

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