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Dr. Frankenstein Could Have Used A Bottle Advisers Urge Fda Approval For Use Of Glue Instead Of Sutures To Close Wounds

Doctors may soon try a modified version of Super Glue as a painless way to close wounds instead of using heavy, scar-prone stitches or staples.

Scientific advisers recommended Friday that the government approve the nation’s first surgical glue, DermaBond, made by Closure Medical Corp.

“The addition of tissue adhesives should prove a rapid, painless alternative to sutures for one-third of patients” treated in emergency rooms, said Dr. Judd Hollander of the University of Pennsylvania, who tested the glue.

“Cosmetically, it is better,” added Dr. Dean Toriumi of the University of Illinois, Chicago, a plastic surgeon who showed photographs of nearly invisible scars on some of his test patients.

The panel unanimously recommended that the Food and Drug Administration approve DermaBond, but advisers cautioned there’s no proof the adhesive is better than sutures, just an alternative.In testing by the Raleigh, N.C.-based Closure Medical,there was no statistically significant difference in healing or scarring between stitches and the adhesive, leading the FDA advisers to conclude the glue was probably as good as standard care.

DermaBond is a chemical similar to that used to make Super Glue, modified so that it doesn’t harm delicate tissue. Doctors roll the glue over the wound like like lip gloss and within 2-1/2 minutes, it sets, forming a see-through film that lasts five to 10 days.

No more need for a stitch-removal visit.

xxxx GLUE FACTS Proponents of surgical glue for closing wounds contend that the process is quicker than using stitches, doesn’t require a return visit for removal, doesn’t hurt and might leave less scarring.

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