March 8, 1998 in Features

Plucky Fashion Followers Accessorize With Tweezers

By The Spokesman-Review

Tweezer manufacturers report their little pinching products are practically flying off the store shelves. The reason? Brow-shaping. Which is the fashion accessory right now, says Teresa McKee of Elizabeth Arden Salons in New York. “(Brow-shaping) is as essential as lipstick,” she says.

This year, manicured eyebrows have become the cosmetic equivalent of the little black dress: no style-conscious woman can live without them.

But, of course it will cost you. A Beverly Hills, Calif., salon charges $35 for a 10-minute appointment. Or you can do it yourself, which seems the option of choice.

Tweezerman, a Long Island, N.Y., tweezer manufacturer, says sales have doubled in the last three years. (From: March 2 Newsweek)

Shopping at the office? Percentage of workers who think it’s OK to date a co-worker: 75. Percentage of workplace romances that lead to marriage or a long-term relationship: 40. (From Feb. 23 Time)

Not exactly light reading: Copies of the Washington Family Council 1997 Marriage Report (40 pages) are available for $10. The report details attitudes about marriage in the state, as well as statistics about what strengthens the institution. To order the report, or for a summary, contact the Washington Family Council, P.O. Box 40584, Bellevue, WA 98015; (425) 637-5959.

Probably not the last word: The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled recently that mooning is not illegal because buttocks do not constitute “private parts” under state law. “The majority of states which have reviewed this issue agree (private parts) include only genitalia,” says public defender Julie Lewis who argued the case before the N.C. Supreme Court. So there you have it. (From: Feb. 23 Newsweek)

Mom-to-be Uma Thurman’s take on Barbie dolls: “When I was younger, I was obsessed with Barbie dolls. I was just obsessed with them as these icons, even though their proportions meant they would never menstruate and all that stuff we know now. I played with them for hours and made them into sex slaves.

They had boyfriends, and they were addicted to them, and then some guy would come and lock them in a room.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with young girls being allowed to fantasize and imagine the great unknown of being a woman through these hyper-dynasty dramatic ways. Especially if you feel tyrannized by it. To turn that which is your greatest fear and that which therefore has the greatest tyranny over you into a mental exercise, whether it be a fantasy, whether it be a desire to be overpowered mentally, or physically or anything else, it’s a way of taking control.” (From: March Esquire)

Quote of the week: Chastity Bono on where she sees herself in 30 years: “I’m sitting in the Oval Office with the First Lesbian by my side.” (From February Glamour)

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MEMO: Susan English is the Weekend Editor at The Spokesman-Review, contact her by mail at 999 W. Riverside, Spokane, WA 99201; by e-mail at; or by phone at 459-5488.

Susan English is the Weekend Editor at The Spokesman-Review, contact her by mail at 999 W. Riverside, Spokane, WA 99201; by e-mail at; or by phone at 459-5488.

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