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Try Gadfly If Tired Of Status Quo

If you picked up Gadfly magazine without knowing who published it, you’d be perplexed. If you picked up Gadfly knowing that it’s published by the Rutherford Institute the legal services organization handling Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton you’d be even more perplexed.

Gadfly is not part of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “vast right-wing conspiracy.” There’s no sign of a conservative bias or an anti-Democrat bias or even a bias against ambitious, veracity-impaired governors who are alleged to have exposed themselves to big-haired, low-level bureaucrats. Gadfly is not political. It’s a cultural magazine that fits no identifiable ideology. It’s odd, eccentric and eclectic.

With the March issue, Gadfly is a year old. Thus far, it has carried no advertising - another refreshing aspect - but that will change in April. The magazine is not yet available on local newsstands, but you can receive a free copy by calling (888) 4GADFLY.