British Tabs Can’t Forgive Charles For Being Human


Prince Charles better start revving up his publicity machine in support of his longtime love Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Apparently, the couple has been spending “secret overnight visits” at his St. James’s Palace residence.

And the tabloids aren’t being very discreet about it. “Camilla Sleeps at the Palace,” ran the headline in the Sun, which noted that Parker-Bowles is keeping some clothes there.

The Daily Mail reports that Parker-Bowles has been spending up to three nights a month at the palace, although never when Princes William and Harry are there.

While the Sun says Parker-Bowles’ visits are a “talking point in royal circles,” a royal spokesman declined comment, saying that Charles’ “domestic arrangements are private, and we do not discuss them.”

She’s not English, but she sure is patient

Juliette Binoche turns 34 today.

Loose talk

Patti Davis on healing family wounds (as reported by the Associated Press): “It was like for years every morning I had been walking out of the house with this button on saying, ‘Hi, my name is Patti and my mother is very controlling and my father just bombed Libya.”’

They’re both familiar with wrestling moves

They may not even know each other, but it appears that presidential follower Gennifer Flowers and baseball outcast Pete Rose will appear at WrestleMania XIV on March 29.

The power of the tabloid press I

The story sounded juicy: Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ marriage was in trouble, so claimed New Idea magazine, because of what it headlined “Demi’s Bulimia Hell.”Only problem was, it was all baloney. So the magazine, facing a lawsuit brought by the glamour couple, apologized. Not only that, but the apology and retraction ran a full page.

The power of the tabloid press II

Tim Allen is suing a 72-year-old librarian over statements the man made to the National Enquirer. Henry Armstrong claimed that he had been hit by Allen’s Ferrari. His recollection: “He stood over me as I lay on the ground in agony. He was bleary-eyed and unsteady on his feet, and he never uttered a word, never mind said sorry.” Allen, who denies the report, wants $12 million.

The new motto: All the news that fits we print

Overheard in a Manhattan eatery. “You want to make me happy?” asked Kathy Benvin. “I want another child.” “OK,” said her husband, Anthony Quinn, “we’ll go home and start tonight.” This according to, believe it or not, the New York Times.

She’ll just direct the bank to buy her another country

Seems a bit of rain fell in the life of Athina Roussel on Wednesday. An accidental fire damaged a room in one of the 13-year-old heiress’ three Swiss estates. No problem, though. The granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis inherits $3 billion when she turns 18.

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